I have been in the design industry for more than 12 years and majority of the designs I have done are logo designs for start up companies. On top of that, there are website designs or shopping cart designs. I have done some local (Penang, Malaysia) printings, such as flyers and company folder designs as well. There was this APEC 2013 promotional print designs, as well as the creation of the logo design.

So let's stop reading and catch some eye candies of my past works, hopefully you can find something that you like and I can help your business in any way possible.

Graphic Design Online Logo Design Branding Print

Kickstart Advertising Materials

The best kick start items for a new company or a company that needs rebranding. A combo package a company profile turned folder and business card holder. Your business card and as well as flyers to include in the folder. This is the best way to show all the information your potential client need.

APEC WOMEN 2013 Print Designs Newspaper Advertisment

Logo of the Hour

One of my artwork that I am most proud of. I managed to work together with the organizer of APEC's event in China at November 2013. The logo had to go through several stages and fine tuning to reach this stage. The initial project was to design a brochure for the event, but it eventually evolved to just newspaper adverts. I had to juggle a few different local publication and also languages (Chinese and English).

WEBSITE DESIGNS from the Past and Present

Web Design Bubble Tea
Website Design Online Coffee CV Coffee
Web Design Le Claire
Website Design
Website Design
Website Design
Website Design
Website Design

So, if you think Tau-Ew can help you make your business look more professional and get the right target audience, just fill in the contact us form BELOW and we will get back to you as soon as possible


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